Brad & Ashley

We are the Hancocks, two parts that make this a whole, the team that works in symphony. We see each moment passing by so quickly, and to have the honor of capturing some of those emotion filled seconds while the world spins by gives us chills.

I (Ashley) started photography when I (Brad) bought her the first "real" camera. I practiced and practiced. I then shadowed some local wedding photographers and discovered that weddings were where my energy & passion were. I (Brad) started picking up cameras and helping with family sessions. This created our team work, communication, and seeing our styles mesh together was just magical. We knew we had to continue this. Brad quit his full time job in March of 2017 and we have been full time since, pouring our hearts into what matters, family and the days two become one.

Our story parallels with your story. For weddings, we remember how we said our vows, and hearing you say them will bring all the emotions. We recognize the moments we would like captured and make a point to photograph them. Our values are also shown in our work. We value marriage as an important part of life, choosing to do life with someone is a important part of your story. We value family because there is nobody closer and more intimately ingrained in your life than the people you love and grow with. For families, we totally understand how it is to wrangle kiddos, so we get our families moving, walking, tickling, cuddling, kissing. This way we can see what makes your family you, and capture that for you. Capturing family lifestyle sessions is important to us because it shows the behind the scenes moments of family, the true emotion.

We enjoy connecting on more than a surface level. This is more than a photography session or wedding day coverage. We are a part of your lives and we don't take that lightly. We are so blessed to be here! Thank you for checking us out and we so look forward to meeting you.


Fun Facts:


We have three kiddos who light the fire in our hearts every single day. Morgan is 10, Micah is 3, and Merrick is 6 months.


We dabble in making our own jewelry out of copper, gold, and raw stones. Ask us which wedding bands we are wearing! We have multiple we have made together.


At every wedding, Brad holds the bouquet and Ashley photographs him. These have become some of the most favored photographs for our brides and grooms!


Likewise, Brad likes to capture Ashley behind the scenes!


We have two dogs and three cats, which makes for quite our own little zoo. We wouldn't have it any other way though, we love animals.


At every wedding, we take a night flash shot to round out the evening.


We own TWO Mustangs.


Camping is near and dear to our hearts. It's our favorite way to vacation.